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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Takin' Care of Business

It's been an exciting weekend. On Friday I did a photoshoot with Georgetown's new Chief of Police, Wayne Nero for Georgetown's "The View" magazine. Saturday I shot a beautiful outdoor wedding in Belton. Today I had a family shoot with my OB/GYN, Belinda, and her doctor/politician husband, Charles Schwertner. Belinda's side of the family was in town and it had been 5 years since their last extended family photos. Christmas card pictures are crossed off the list for three separate families just from today's shoot. I had A LOT of fun and it was an honor being part of so many lives during the past few days.

Funny story about yesterday's wedding shoot. (Cindy, Corey, David and Fay -I love you guys. Thanks for blessing me with the gift of being the photographer for such a beautiful day.) The ceremony took place outdoors at an awesome Girl Scout camp overlooking Belton Lake. You followed a woodchip path lined with native limestone rocks to a clearing lined with benches facing a gorgeous view of the lake, surrounded by woods. Which means as the ceremony was going on, there I was tromping like an ogre through the trees, sticks and fallen leaves snapping away while everyone (and their mother) tried their best to ignore the distracting noise. I also got cozy with a few spiders and thorn bushes. I wish I could have been noiseless, but what can you do.

The night before I had the photoshoot with the police chief I had a terrible dream of being wanted for murder. I was innocent, of course, but hot on my trail was the police chief. My big blooper of the following day's shoot? Telling the police chief my silly dream. Why do I EVER need to open my mouth?

On Thursday Andrea Murrow visited us again. Hooray! We took her on a driving tour of Austin and ended for a delicious "linner" ('cause it was around 3pm) at the renowned Shady Grove. Oh. My. Goodness. It was delicious!!!

Wilder BEGGING for more chocolate ice box pie.
That's what I'M taklin' about. What a hoot!

This is from Friday evening, a glorious night spent outside together. Wilder gave Ba a dunk in the inflatable duck bathtub while he draped himself with "bate-it," sporting his bare backside. It was a riot and a rather wet episode as he flung the recently dunked Ba around; water spraying every which way. It was fun. Always is.

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Anonymous said...

You've been a VERY busy lady!
I love your adventure stories :)
My love to all, Mama


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