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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bre, the Beautiful Bride-to-Be

bre bridal 1 1

My dear friend, Bre, is getting married in 2 weeks. I get to be their photographer and I am so jazzed. Adam and Bre are such a special part of our lives -Bre came over at midnight to watch Wilder when I went into labor with Waverley. We spent Easter together this year, and they have been our first guests in our new "house." There's much more that's special about them to us and we're so blessed to have them as friends.

We shot these bridal portraits in Granger, Texas and I did Bre's hair and make up. There are more photos being edited, but here are my favorites so far. Thank you, Bre, for being such a fabulous model bride!

bre bridal 2

bre bridal 3

bre bridal 4

bre bridal 5

bre bridal 6

bre bridal 7

bre bridal 8 1

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