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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Headshot Session a la Brian

kelly headshot aug 4 1

New headshots, thanks to the camera work of Brian. I think he's ready for photography classes, don't you? He'll already be a step ahead.

kelly headshot aug 4 2

We shot in the only shade we could find at the RV park while Wavy napped and Wilder strolled in the dirt...and fell in a ditch, which Brian almost got on camera. He was fine, but a little shocked. Hopefully that will be a lesson and not a challenge in his eyes and ditches won't be so fun to play around. He got nice and dirty -just the way he likes. Me too. I think he's cute dirty, or maybe that's just the way he generally is and I think he's cute regardless.

kelly headshot aug 4 4

I started an 4 week acting class with Van Brooks last night. Class of 12, focusing on overcoming our obstacles in auditioning and film acting in general. Excited to dig in, get gritty and get real in my acting. It's been too long, too long. But now....I think I'm back.


I AM JOE PESCI said...

Beautiful pictures! Compliments to the photographer and the photographee. Enjoy those acting classes!

Anonymous said...

Yep! Sheeeeeeeeeeee's Baaaaaaack. You glow when you are involved in your craft. :) Mama


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