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Thursday, January 13, 2011

2011 Kicks Off

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If you would have told me last January as I was about to give birth to my beautiful little girl that in one year I would have a blossoming, fruitful photography business that could provide for our family, I would have laughed and blushed.  I suppose I had a goal in mind, but mainly it was to keep plowing forward and see where this career would take our family.  2010 has seen us through phenomenal life changes and directions.  There's a book to be written just about the adventures of this year.

I continue to be amazed at how life never turns out the way you plan.  There's too many factors and variables to go exactly the way you have in mind.  One of the clearest lessons I've learned over the past six years Brian and I have been married is that whatever we have planned usually doesn't happen, life goes in a completely different direction we couldn't have imagined and we're happier for it in the end.  I say, keep moving forward, keep trying and pursuing what you love and everything will work out somehow.

There are months where I have nothing in the calendar and, lo and behold, it turns out to be my busiest month.  Phone calls and emails come in, shoots get scheduled, auditions and bookings happen.  And, thanks to my amazing husband, I have the freedom to work, doing things I love.

The kids continue to grow and learn.  Waverley can say "Hi!," "Uh-Oh," and "Thank you!"  She continues to growl all the time, waving her arms in the air like she's a rearing grizzly bear.  She laughs all the time, loves crawling into all the cabinets with loose child locks, is skilled at climbing the stairs, and now mimics us by grabbing the TV remote and pointing at the screen.  She loves to dance and, thanks to Brian, has discovered a new love: heavy metal.  Yep, she dances to the beat whenever she hears it wailing on the radio.

Wilder's vocabulary has expanded immensely, thanks to playtime with his buddy Lucas.  He is obsessed with hershey's kisses (and chocolate in general) as well as sugar-free chewing gum.  Tortillas and wheat thins are two of his staples and we've finally got him off chocolate milk.  Gone are the days of my kiddo eating spinach and broccoli, BUT he does love munching on carrots while watching Bugs Bunny.  We're thinking of getting him into a gymnastics program as he continues to progress in his phenomenal athletic ability.  He is as daring as ever and has an incredible sense of balance and movement, so we think he'd be excellent flipping around a matted floor and learning to whirl around the bars.  We'll see.  For now he continues to amaze us as he jumps to and from furniture pieces and the stairs.  Yes.  Ridiculous.

110111 0045

I am neck deep in edits and shoots.  I just finished editing a 2 day shoot I did for the University of Texas' new Student Activities Center (click here to view some of my favorites.)  The photos will be used on their website and various publications and brochures; it was an honor getting to shoot for UT and I am excited to see what these new images will lend in garnering future work.  I still have 3 weddings to edit be the end of the month, so I'll be hunkered down in my "office" (aka kitchen) for the rest of the month.
Brian painted the studio a lovely swiss coffee/off white color and we purchased the flooring yesterday so hopefully the studio will be all made over and ready for my Jan. 22nd Bourdoir Party (yes, on Waverley's birthday.)  Oh!  Fun, fun news: I have two film auditions this week AND will have a second callback for the Christian film that shoots in April.  I'm in the top running as the wife of the lead and I love the script (and the people working on the film) so my fingers are crossed.  Life doesn't stop around here, but I'm trying to seize moments to relax.  Honestly, I continue to be incredibly happy -and so much of that I owe to Brian.  I LOVE our family and appreciate how both of us have been willing to switch roles.  2011, I am so excited to see what else is in store for us!  More adventures ahead!!

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