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Friday, October 7, 2011

More Pumpkins + Munchkins

111006Pumpkins sm 1
Our dear friends, Lucas and Sofia, came over yesterday for some quality time with large, orange orbs.  We has a fun-filled mini-session with all of our children and I wanted to share some of the ooey-gooey cuteness.

111006Pumpkins sm 2
Boys who share chairs.

111006Pumpkins sm 3
Sofia, the prettiest girl I've ever met.  Besides Waverley, of course.

111006Pumpkins sm 4
Toooooo funny.

111006Pumpkins sm 5




And now, for my crew.
A LITTLE hilarious.

Boy, oh boy.

Thank the good Lord for sticks.

Wilder saw this picture and said, "Hey rook!  Criming!"

Old Faithful.


Sissy!! (Her nickname.)

Mama's shoes.

111006Pumpkins sm 20

111006Pumpkins sm 23
The set up.

Wilder had a heck of a time allowing me to move the pumpkins to the studio upstairs.  He insisted they needed to be outside by the hay bale.  He finally assisted in bringing one lone tiny pumpkin upstairs as I lugged the rest of the big ones.  Once the kids were all here, they quickly learned, "WOW, pumpkins ROLL!  Let's see if they BOUNCE!"  Uh...
Fortunately, we did not encounter any smashed pumpkins -though they were tossed.  And one fell on Wilder's head while he was horsing around outside.  I know it's bad, but it was actually quite hilarious to see the chain of events.  Wilder sitting on top of the hay bale, pretending to loose his balance, truly loosing his balance, tumbling to the ground (complete with an aerial somersault,) and the pumpkin rolling off his body like he was a slide, ending with a bit of a "bonk" on his head.  Take a bow, you have now been accepted into the circus, kid.

Happy Fall to Y'All!  (Oh my goodness, I really did just type that.)  This Alaskan just may be turning Texan.

Where are my boots?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This was a serious serving of cuteness.

I hope all your friends and their friends bring their kiddos come over so you can capture some -as usual- magnificient shots.

I know this Grandmother is lovin' it. Mama


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