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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Is That A Baby Under Your Shirt, Or Are You Just... OH MY GOSH! AGAIN?!

The word's out, so feel free to tell the neighbors.  
We are now certifiably insane.

I hear that once you have three kids, adding more isn't a bit deal.  But crossing the divide between two to three?  That takes you to Crazytown.  And I thought we already lived there.
But, as I said before, we're now certifiable.

WE'RE REALLY EXCITED! (And scared to death, but mainly) REALLY EXCITED!

Going along with the crazy theme, I'm going to have a midwife and do either a home birth or deliver at a swanky birthing center.  And I bought a loom and am learning to weave cotton for my new Amish attire. Or I'll burn the loom and start walking around the house naked, wafting about small bundles of burning sage for spiritual cleansing and insist on composting our manure.

Too much?
Yeah, I think I crossed a line.  A loom is a terrible thing to waste.  I'd donate it.

But seriously, I'm very excited about having a natural birthing experience with Numero Tres.  We're using Central Texas Birth Center, just 5 minutes down the road from our house and staffed with a caring, understanding and nurturing team.  We loaded up the family and took a tour of their facility several weeks ago and last Thursday I had my first appointment.  90% of their deliveries are water births which, honestly, used to freak me out.  Now, I'm all over the water birth!  I mean, who wouldn't love to be weightless while having something the size of a watermelon pushed through your body instead of laying flat on your back with 8 people staring at your crotch?
Seriously, a no brainer.

And the birthing tubs are padded and heated.
I have a confession.  Today, I did it.  I ate cupcakes.  And two days ago I had an entire Lindt chocolate bar (and it was oh so good.)  You may remember a post a few weeks ago about eating a ketogenic diet?  Well, at this point, it's all out the window.  My one rule is to eat whatever my body craves (I'm buying a pick-up truck size amount of fruit tomorrow during our weekly store run) and the rest?  Fuggedaboudit.

With my pregnancy with Waverley and at the beginning of this one, I told myself I was going to be healthy, gain only necessary weight, be a veggie-a-holic.... Then you start feeling queasy and buy 2 Costco sized pallets of Ramen noodles (chicken flavor, of course) and macaroni and cheese.  And one of those freeeeaaakin' large jars of pickles, an industrial size salsa and 18 bags of tortilla chips.  And I'm good.

Cravings are the BOMB!

In conclusion, I either have a food baby on top of my actual baby, or this little dumpling is already showing.  And I'm okay with that.  Heck, my boobs are (comparatively) HUGE, so I'm totally cool with this pregnant body.  It's just nice to have a period of time where I'm not constantly thinking about staying a certain shape and putting crazy restrictions on myself.  I'm pregnant.  I'm gonna eat what I feel like.  Done.

So, Baby Number Three?
Welcome, Honey.
PS: Wilder can't wait to teach you how to play chess.  He talks about it every day.

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Anonymous said...

So sweet. Love you Dear Kelly. Mama


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