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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fourth of July | Homeslice | "Everyone, come and see how good I look!" -Ron Burgundy

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It has certainly been awhile since I did a "homeslice" session -capturing a slice of daily life at random times throughout the year.  So, what better day than to grab the essence of our family celebrating our nation's birthday?

And, I also begged Brian to take some of me and my belly bump.  And then Waverley begged to take some, too, so you'll see a little of her (quite descent for a 4 1/2 year old) shots of me with the dog.  She's beginning her apprenticeship early.

Waverley.  Halfway through age 4 and still one heck of a combination of Princess+Firecracker.  She hasn't lost her love of Wilder's clothes, and her favorite recliner which she will kick ANYONE out of if they haven't been invited personally by her to lounge in.

Wilder, age 6 3/4.  Lego and Minecraft fanatic.  That just about sums him up.

Eating "wapples."
My little artist.  She loves coloring and drawing -her skills have grown in leaps and bounds in the past month alone.  That's one of the awesome things about being a parent.  Seeing how your children pick things up, watching stuff "click," and seeing them progress in areas that fascinate them.  I've really enjoyed the creativity I've been afforded by doing doodles with her. 
FYI, coloring is so therapeutic.  I'm thinking of sending coloring books to all the adult women in my family for Christmas gifts.  
"MINECRAFT!" (said in a gritty, overly dramatic male voice.)
I have always loved my babies toes.
Wilder at his perma-perch.  
Shelby at her perma-perch.  Apparently when I'm out working this dog does not leave her station at the top of the stairs.  For days.  Brian has to put the leash on her to get her downstairs and outside.  She's my "besfrien."
Once again bringing out the gritty, overly dramatic male voice:  "The DEATH STAR.  With CONSTRUCTIONS."  Thanks to Wilder, we've rid "instructions" from our vocabulary and replaced it with what -honestly, now- really makes the most sense.  After all, it is about how to build something, isn't it?
Shameless "photographer taking a picture of her taking a picture" picture.  Really, it was all for the bump.
She don't wear no shirt, Pa.
Like, ever.

Now it's my turn.  "Hey, Everybody, look at me!  It's the Kelly Show!"

But, honestly, I am so so so so SO happy for these!  And so thankful for Brian's patience and willingness to indulge me.  This pregnancy has been so different from the previous and I really wanted some photos to document the journey.  I've crossed the threshold to the 3rd trimester.  (I think I have -27 weeks as of yesterday.  I stink at math.  You figure it out.)
Okay, we may look like refugees, but I adore having Mommy Snuggle shots with Wavey.  I'm officially giving the camera to Brian on a regular basis so I can have more of these.
And then we loaded up and headed to MiMa and Boppa's for a family celebration!

Betty's Flag Cake was such a hit with Waverley who got to help with "deckayrations."  I love these sweet moments together!
(Shoot, I married a good lookin' man!  You know what gets me?  After nearly 10 years together, I still on a daily basis look at him and think, "HOT DANG!"  That's a good sign, I'd say.)
The kids *LOVE* their Uncle Bear.  When Brian told them that he was coming to the party they seriously flipped with excitement.  He's one of those rockstar uncles who plays and plays and plays and plays with them all day long.  And we all love him for it!  (THANK YOU, BEAR!)
(I'll probably be strangled for posting this, but -hey- it's my blog, I can brag on my hot hubby.  
Insert wolf whistle here.
The GrillMasters whipped up an amazing spread paired with MiMa's overflowing array of deliciousness.  Holy. Moly.  I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I can eat as much as I can stuff in my tummy.  (And it was all AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS!)
And that's us!

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Anonymous said...

Love the Day! Family fun in the sun. Love you all :) Grandmama


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