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Monday, January 12, 2015

Tennyson, The 3 Month Old Rockstar

Ladies, you're gonna get a grandma's-fill of baby lovin' right now.
I may have posted a feeeeew too many pictures, but -HEY- posterity. That's what this blog's all about, right?  Memorializing our life on the world wide web to see for years to come.  And it's fun to look back on these days; relive these moments.

Waverley was the first successful person to make Tennyson laugh.  Four times in a row while Mama, baby and sister were splashing in the tub.  Two weeks have passed and finally Brian heard his sweet giggle just yesterday.  Soon he'll fill the house with noise -for now, he's doing lots of "talking" -cooing and vocal exercises.

He loves napping in the baby sling/carrier about 3 times a day and still mainly sleeps curled up in my arms at night.

He's a sturdy fellow -a'growin' nicely.  Getting active and wiggly, he likes to chewing on his hands, watch the world, practice standing, and be surrounded by his people.

Here's Tennyson at 3 months.

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