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Thursday, January 1, 2015

WeightTraining Mama: Progress of 2 Months

Home, Sweet Home Gym.

Eight days after giving birth to my third child, TADA!  Weight lifting!  You may have seen the starter post.  It's been 2 1/2 months into training now and I I've got some news and -mainly- I'm just really excited to talk about this journey.  


Day 1 of training on left (1 week post-pregnancy) -1 Month on right.

I'm going to be brutally honest.  This is a SLOW process.  I'm just a normal gal so the results aren't major month to month.  Documenting the journey, though, is the best motivation as over time I'm seeing progress.  And this work is tough.  It's a completely different mindset than any other physical training I've done. (Ha!  Physical training.  I've never done anything except run, some crunches, some push-ups, etc.)  Okay, okay, I did a 5 mile race 9 years ago, but that's all the "training" I've ever done. "Maintenance fitness" is more inline with how I've previously exercised.  Weightlifting?  A whole new ballgame, my friend.

Here's the training run-down for the first month:
3x week, "A" Lifts:

Options of 3 sets of 5, 10 and 15 reps.

Second month I started alternating training days with "B" Lifts:
Deadlift (Romanian)
Bench press
("B" is my FAVORITE.)

Then a couple weeks before Christmas, Brian gave me an early present.  A row machine. With this I started doing HIIT (high intensity interval training) which assists in faster fat loss.  3 days a week, 5 x 500 meters with a minute or so of rest in between.

2 Months of training.
2 Months

Nutrition-wise, I started out eating with a focus on protein, but no restrictions.  Then I started to "clean" up my diet and avoided highly processed carbs.  I'd added 2 protein shakes a day to pretty clean, balanced meals of protein, complex carbs and veggies until about a week ago.

Post-holidays, both Brian and I decided to stop bulking up and start trimming down, so we've got a new plan of attack.  

Mainly, not stuffing my face.  In order to build muscle, you have to consume more (particularly protein and some carbs to keep your energy up and replenish the muscles -whatever the science is...I just do what Brian suggests.  He's been lifting for over 20 years.  I trust the man.)  So therefore I was eating a LOT of food -more than usual.  To trim down, I'm doing my HIIT on the rower and eating (still protein focused) cleaner and fresher-focused.  Avoiding processed carbs/sugars and only eating when hungry 'til satisfied.  AND, of course, continuing to lift 3xweek (Mon/Wed/Fri) with strength focus.

2 months progress.  PUMPED!

Earlier that week I was feeling so discouraged about my training.  I still had all this baby fat, was plateauing with some of my lifting and was rather done with trying so hard.  I refocused, realized this wasn't going to show results overnight and pushed through.  Then THIS happened.  And I cling to this photo (and the results in the mirror) while persevering.

I'm still dedicated to lifting for 12 months.  With 2 1/2 months in, I AM encouraged by the results and am excited to see just what my body -and mind- can do.  Busting limits!!

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Heather G said...

You look FABULOUS, my friend!!!


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