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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Lisa, Take Your Pick

My sweet friend, Lisa, is getting married this August and has asked me to make the jewelry for the bridal party. Instead of overloading her inbox with pictures I am taking the liberty of posting the photos here for her to browse and give me feedback. So, Lisa -take your pick! (Clicking on the pictures will enlarge them for you -the files are pretty big so you will get a much better look at them up close.)

You can see that there are 3 options created so far. They all use the same pallet and combination of gemstones and pearls.

This is the one I originally made, but I thought it was too busy. I can make one with less beads and a tad shorter so it retains the fullness without the fussiness.

Honestly, my favorite is the first one. I don't think it will get caught under the boat neckline of the dresses. The colors are much more vibrant in person (aren't we all...) and I'd be happy to send any or all of these to you ASAP so you can look at them before I go into full production.

Also, there is a David's Bridal here in town that I contemplated visiting with the necklaces to check the colors. I can do that for you if you would like, just let me know.

Tell me what you think -any changes, any ideas, etc. And super duper congratulations, my Dear!

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