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Monday, July 14, 2008

Wacky Dreams of a Deployed Soldier's Wife

Unless you are or have been the wife of a deployed soldier, it's impossible to know what life is like while your husband is off fighting a war. I certainly had no idea what to expect the first deployment and even this deployment as a new mother has had it's own unique set of challenges.

I wanted to share a humorous story I told my husband about one of many crazy dreams I've had while he's away. Just a look into night in the dreamworld of an Army wife.


Hello Darling,
I hope your patrol went well tonight and you are sleeping peacefully now. Sending you lots and lots of love.

Two nights ago I had the craziest dream. Your unit was hosting a civilian "get to know what it's like for the soldiers" day. We were all in battle gear and had a basic lesson on warfare, then we all lined up -the civilians (who were all family members of the soldiers) across from you guys and were told, "Okay, FIGHT!" The rifles were loaded with pellets that didn't wound but sure did hurt and once you were hit (which for most was a matter of seconds) you were "out." I frantically ran around trying to hide behind wrecked trucks and rubble and somehow I connected with you. I said, "Okay, you win! I have no idea what it's like to be a soldier and I couldn't do this job. You win, you win!" We somehow managed to get out of the action and into a gym facility. Crystal was there and all of a sudden I realized I didn't have Wilder. I asked Crystal where he was. We both had forgotten about him. She had left him dressed in doll clothes in the women's sauna where she thought he could nap without people bothering him. As we approached the women's locker room a fat woman wrapped in a towel came running out of the sauna holding a screaming (and much thinner) Wilder. I was mortified, but so thankful to have my baby back and to NOT be fighting a war.

Cwazy, huh? So, I'm glad you are well trained in your job and I promise I won't leave Wilder in a sauna while I go off and do wacky, random things. We can both be experts in our own fields.

Way to go, Honey Dear. You are so amazing to me and I am so thankful you are so talented and intelligent in your job. Keep staying safe for us and always remember how much we love you.

Hugs and Kisses forever more.

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