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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Oakland, Piedmont and Jack London Square

My in-laws took Wilder and I on a whirlwind, nostalgic tour of the Bay Area where they lived for 22 years -and where Brian lived until he was 15. It was Wilder and my first time visiting and, honestly, this morning being back in Texas I seriously wondered why we ever left Oakland. I LOVED IT!
We stayed at The Waterfront Plaza in Jack London Square in Oakland. Right next to the AMTRAC terminal and the ferry which takes you to Alameda and San Fransisco. Arriving in the afternoon on Saturday we had plenty of time to get a good night's sleep and up and Adam for the Sunday Farmers Market right outside our door.
It was a glorious array of fruits, vegetables, freshed baked bread and pastries, handmade treasures, stunning flowers and more.

Our hotel.

Being in a new place, Wilder did his best napping on the go -and we certainly were on the move aplenty, so thankfully he got good rest.

This is the bar made famous by Jack London as one of his local haunts. They even have photos of him as a boy sitting at one of the tables inside reading away. We unfortunately never made it inside. Next time for sure!

Wilder's souvenir happened to be an outfit. It was very chilly and he needed another long sleeve shirt and a stocking cap. Fortunately one of the market vendors was stocked with a fun selection of tie-dyed gear. Plus, I figured he'd fit right in when were drove through Berkeley later that day.

The view from the family's long-time residence in Piedmont. Amazing!

We lunched at the Montclair Egg Shop, a spot Betty used to meet friends at frequently for some delicious fare. Wilder was very enthusiastic about his spoon (which is a blur in this photo.)

He actually liked the lemon. I know, no citrus until 1 year, but, hey, "that's entertainment!" And he needed some.

A delicious little chocolate shop in Montclair we just had to stop in before continuing on to Berkeley.
Oh, yes please! I finished off the massive chocolate, caramel turtle for breakfast

The "Lynx" docked right outside my window

Dar she goes!

Just our first full day there and still so many more adventures ahead. The chilly breeze and the ocean scent made me feel like I was in Seattle and Anchorage at the same time. The little taste of the local flavor I got has left me hungry for more and I can't wait to go back. Tell me again, why do we live in Texas? Just joking, Honey.


Brian said...

"The little taste of the local flavor I got has left me hungry for more and I can't wait to go back. Tell me again, why do we live in Texas? Just joking, Honey."

Just look up the median home price for the San Francisco Bay Area and you'll have your answer, darling. And don't even get me started on the tax rates. Or the gun laws. Or the nutjobs that voted for them.

California: Great place to visit. Horrible place to live.

Brian said...

Oh, and that hippiewear on our son has got to go.


Anonymous said...

Look at the little hippie in tie-dye!!


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