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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

First Week

Waiting at the airport! We're SOOOOO excited!

Together at last! Welcome home, Daddy!

Mini Family Reunion at the airport

The Wild Men

After a few hours of adjusting, Wilder was crazy about being with his Daddy. Now he even cries when Brian leaves to run an errand. It does a mommy's heart good to see so much love between her special guys.

Wiley's first pancake!

More quality time

Pool party at Mima and Boppa's!

With 11 days left together we're capitalizing on every day! Tonight is our first date night and, let me tell ya, I'm pretty darn excited!

We've been running on our favorite trails, making landscaping plans, cooking fun family meals and just spending quality time together. Really, this feels like a vacation -a much needed vacation for both of us! Slow days around the house just being together, playing with Wilder and enjoying home life. It has been incredibly wonderful having Brian back and having Wilder's Daddy so enthusiastic about his role as a father. Wilder is finally at a point where he can play and doesn't solely depend on me, so Brian can step in and enjoy his son -and I can sit back and enjoy my family! It is going to be rough saying goodbye again, but this taste of what's in the future will keep me positive and steady to plow through 'til the end.

In the meantime, I'm loving having Brian home and soaking up these precious moments!


Roccy said...

Welcome Home Brian!

And Wilder - that's exactly how I eat my pancakes, too.

I'm glad you have your family together Kelly. Enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

I have been WAITING for this post!
So glad your family is back together again. Have fun and enjoy every moment with him! It is all downhill from here!!


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for all of you. Enjoy every minute ~ Mama

Anonymous said...

...and it is wonderful to see you reunited! It truly makes my heart sing. Love you all, MiMa

Katie said...

Beautiful. And I love the airport outfit.


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