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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Where we've been & where we're going

Ahoy! At long last I've returned. It seems like ages since my last post, but we've been busy 'round here, so let me fill you in.

Finally, FINALLY....I booked a gig! I did the happy dance and got my lines down and transformed into a news reporter. The web company the shoot was for creates video templates where you can log online and insert the face of anyone you wish into a bunch of historical and other types of footage. Example -you remember in "Forrest Gump" how he shows up in all those news reels with JFK and other presidents? This is a similar concept. You upload a photo of yourself, a friend, or anyone you wish and Voila! You're in a scene with John McCain. My clip was demonstrating how a user or customer could insert him or herself into political footage of the current races. We were documenting "the man behind the next President." Of course he is ficticious, but we made like it was a real news story. The company this piece is for, Gizmoz.com, is based in Isreal.

The perplexing photo above is the only one I remembered to take during the shoot and it happened to be during a very hilarious moment. The wind protector on our rented mic rolled down into the sewer. Undaunted, director & producer Christopher Morse pryed open the manhole, climbed in and fished it out. Such heroics I've yet to see topped on a shoot.

Anissa and I had a fantastic cheese fondue party and wine tasting, trying out two cheap, yet well aged Merlots. Amazingly enough our favorite was the cheaper bottle and I just might have to go back to the store to snag a bottle or two for Brian and I. Dinner was delicious -it's been years since my last fondue party, but I won't wait so long for my next one, that's for sure!

Wilder is tall enough to reach the keys and has SOOOOO much fun singing while he tickles those ivories. "Play us a song, you're the piano man!" I'm sure this is JUST the beginning of many years of "music" :)

"Mom, don't interupt my concentration. I'm composing my first symphony. And for goodness sakes, PLEASE call me Mozart!"

And finally, where we'll be: Busy. Very busy. Brian is on his way as I type from Iraq for his midtour leave. He made me promise not to plan anything, so we're going to have a rather organic schedule and time of major relaxation and family time! There's been talk of maybe visitng Becker Vineyard, but we'll see. For now, I'm cleaning the house, tidying all my important piles of crap and trying not to eat all the chocolate in Texas (calms my nerves....) We're thrilled and I can't wait to share new family photos with you!


Roccy said...

Congrats on the gig! Sounds like lots of fun has been had.

Enjoy your time together!!

Anonymous said...

Yay for Brian coming home!!! I was wondering when that was going to happen! I hope you guys have a blast!!!! Love, Kirsten (& Brad too!)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the gig!! How fun! Also, how funny that we had a fondue party LAST night! Haven't had one in years and decided to just have some friend over.

So happy to hear the 3 of you will be back together soon.



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