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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Here was the plan: Dinner, dress up, walk the neighborhood enjoying the goofy decorations and meandering hordes of interestingly clad folks, come home, put Wilder to bed, eat his candy and watch a scary movie. Here's what really happened...
Puff the Magic Dragon showed up in midget form and decided he couldn't be bothered to tour the neighborhood.

What did he care? He had enough candy at his own house!
....which he pretended to eat....
Then succeeded in eating...
...searched for more (he kept picking out the Butterfingers.)
...but was stopped by a late 70's clad mother who made all the trick or treaters use their manners.
Here lies the remainder of Wilder's scandalous indulgence of a fun-sized Butterfingers.

Anissa came over and we tag teamed answering the door, passing out candy, dealing with a one year old who was still adusting to a two hour time change and no afternoon nap, and making dinner. And, you all must know, Anissa ended up scrubbing my kitchen range to sparkling perfection and she deserves a gold medal for such selfless friendship and service!

We had fun, even though the evening did not go as envisioned. There will be so many more years of fun and frivolity -and with Brian!!, which is cause to celebrate in itself. And what a delight to give candy away instead of accumulate a horde that I will be left to dispose of in the only intelligent way -to eat it.

Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! I love his little costume!!


Anonymous said...

What a cute little green dragon! I must say that I see a definite resemblance in attitude...like father, like son. This little dragon has his own ideas of what Halloween is to be for him and he goes for it! To heck with the rules! :)

I love you Wiley Scott,
Your MiMa


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