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Friday, August 7, 2009

A New Set of Challenges

Wilder and I dropped Brian off this morning at the airport for his flight to Ft. Bragg, NC for Special Forces Assessment and Selection. He'll be gone for three weeks enduring more than the average bear; a lovely vacation of hellish conditions and challenges which he has been physically training and mentally preparing for over the past four months. I'm incredibly proud of him. His self-discipline and dedication are outrageously impressive, and I certainly don't mind all his chiseled muscles he's honed as a result. Oh, I will miss that man. I am anxious to learn the outcome of these three weeks but at the same time am confident that he will do a stellar job and the rest is up to God. I know that He has our future securely in His hands; all we have to do is keep seeking Him, doing our best, moving forward and all will fall in to place.

In less than two weeks Wilder and I head north to Washington for 10 days to visit my family, something I am greatly looking forward to. As Brian and I will have no communication until it's time for him to board the plane home at the end of the month, I welcome the trip whole heartedly -as a time to visit (since it's been over 2 years) and as a distraction. Much rests on the outcome of Brian's SFAS evaluation. If he passes and is accepted to go to the Special Forces school, we will be moving in aproximately 5 months to North Carolina. If for some reason it doesn't pan out, a whole new set of plans has to be looked at carefully and quickly. Again, everything will turn out perfectly, it's just very unknown right now.

For August my goal is to create and organize Uncommon Women. Through July I have been reading several books on examining God's purpose for my life and previous bits of vision have become technicolor and pieced together. Before I wanted to start my own charm school, after teaching for nearly 5 years in Alaska. It was something I knew I could do, I just had to get the material compiled and create the curriculum. If you've read the Dovanan Covey blog update, you'll get a refresher on my journey attempting to get classes started and forming the business. Through the past month I discovered that what I really wanted to do was to create a Christian based organization that inspires, equips, and encourages women to live fully with purpose and passion. The charms school is just a drop in the bucket compared to the vision I have. I want to provide the tools for every woman to learn how to be beautiful inside and out, to provide role models for women of all generations, particularly the ones to come. This month I am focusing on taking the first baby steps towards that vision by starting a local group and a web presence.

I am excited to see God's plan unfold as I continue pursuing a personal relationship with Him and seeking His passion for my life. There will be roadblocks, times of confusion and discouragement, but what are those things compared to Him? Nothing.

Your encouragement, insights and ideas are so helpful and I gladly welcome them. Feel free to email me or leave a comment here.

This month's goals may be the most challenging our family has faced in a long time, but I am confident there will be a wonderful and victorious end. So here's to the end of the month and seeing great things happen!

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