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Friday, August 21, 2009

Wenatchee VaCay: Bits and Pieces Part 1

A disorganized series of snapshots into our family visit and vacation in Washington. We are thoroughly enjoying being with my family and getting to play in Grandmama's vacation wonderland. She has a pool, a trampoline, a playscape and lots of big dogs to play with, as well as a beautifully lush garden brimming with all sorts of colorful flora. The weather is hot but not nearly as oppressive as our Texas August. It feels great. Here are some shots from yesterday evening, Wilder, Leandra and Derek playing in the family room. The kids are great helps with keeping Wilder entertained, whether around the house, in the yard or spalshing in the pool.

Wilder began posing for his little photo sessions with Leandra and Derek who were snapping away on their phones.

He climbed on to the couch to pose. What a ham.
And got some good wrestling in with Derek. It's fun having so many aunts and uncles!

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