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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Grandmama's Here!

110509 home 11
Grandmama's here!  Grandmama's here!

110509 home 11-2

110509 home 11-3

110509 home 11-4

110509 home 11-7
My mother arrived on our doorstep last Monday all the way from Washington as a mother's day present to both herself and to me!

The kids have SO been enjoying playing with her and all the extra love and sweet hugs, and it's been a greater blessing than I can express hearing them all together, laughing and being together.  We don't get to see my mom that often -this was a very special treat!

110509 home 11-8

110509 home 11-9
Kisses from Ba.

These pictures were actually from the night she arrived, last monday, but it's been so busy here that I haven't had a chance to snap any new ones and mom heads back home this afternoon.
Mom was able to join Brian and I as we saw the screening of a UT graduate film I was in this fall; the first time I have ever seen myself on a big screen.  Having Mom here for that was super-extra-special.

I am so glad Mom was able to come.  We squeezed in a trip to Costco, playtime around the house, Mom and Wilder had a looooooong date at Burger King (totally fabulous), some yummy Texas BBQ, and some movie time.

We love you, Grandmama!  Can't wait to see you again!

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Anonymous said...

ohohohohohohohohohoh What FUN!!!

I sure love those Babies. xoxoMama


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