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Friday, May 6, 2011

Sunshine and Succulents: DIY Window Sill Cactus Garden

110506 home 11
Good Morning!  It's a sunshine-themed day already.  I love that my morning has been blessed by yellow and I just had to share some snaps of the AM glory and warmth, as well as my recent crafty/creation: succulent window sill gardens!  So hot right now.

Above, Wilder's golden waffles.  Thank you, frozen foods, for making my morning just that much easier.

110506 home 11-9
The yellow rose of Texas, jump starting my day with caffeine and color.

110506 home 11-10
Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun.  Waverley still asleep, breakfast with my happy man.

110506 home 11-11
Basking in dreams of a summer road trip.  Guess where we'd like to go...

110506 home 11-2
One of the easiest (do I ever do anything else? no) projects I've done.  And it's fun -gettin' dirty for a good reason.  Gardening is so, um, earthy -for lack of a better word- and I love how connected I feel with creation when I'm tooling about amongst roots and top soil.  Ahem, not that it's been something I've done lately (still dreaming of the garden I've yet to build, but annually think about as spring rolls around.)

110506 home 11-3
Yesterday my friend Aubrey and I were getting some gardening supplies at Home Depot to keep the wee rabbits out of her garden.  We spied the miniature succulents and I was immediately struck by "Idea-ism": must make a window sill succulent garden!

110506 home 11-4
Lately I've been seeing these beauties on so many blogs and websites.

110506 home 11-5
And now for the DIY bit:


  • Glass jar, vase, container, large mason jar, candle holder, etc.
  • Small rocks for decorative drainage for roots
  • Sand (optional, but useful as well a pretty)
  • Potting soil
  • Assortment of succulents/cacti
  • Small figurines (optional and slightly hilarious and/or charming)
110506 home 11-6

Takin' Steps~
  • Layer rocks and/or sand in your container
  • Add top soil
  • Arrange your succulents and gently pack them in the dirt
  • Arrange your charming/ridiculous figurines (mine to be added when I find 'em)
  • Place in a high light area and smile often!
These two mini gardens cost about $28 total.  The thin, oval vase was the gouger at $15, but I found it at Garden Ridge and it was the perfect fit for my skinny window sill by the kitchen sink.  Brian keeps expecting to see a fish in there. 
It makes me happy.

110506 home 11-7
Boy howdy, I simply love seeing these colors!  And the plants are so plump and adorable.
Hopefully I won't kill them within a month.

110506 home 11-8
My Mother's Day present to myself.  Now everything else is gravy, baby.  Don't tell Brian.


Anonymous said...

Your selection of cacti and succulents are beautiful. I would offer a word of advice though, and you may not want to hear it, but since your little container garden brings a smile to your face, you don't want to kill it. Take your plants out and mix your potting soil with at least 1/2 vermiculite to loosen it up and allow better drainage. What you have now will be too heavy, and your roots will rot. Also, don't water much....only when it dries completely out. Then soak it good. There are sometimes problems when you don't have any drainage holes in the bottom, so you need to be very cautious when watering. Hope this helps, and again, beautiful selection!

Anonymous said...

In my comment, I meant to say perlite, NOT vermiculite. I'm sorry about that.


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