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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wedding Season

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It's wedding season and it's been going on for me since April.  Thankfully I have one more wedding next week until things start to slow down a bit, but I had no idea when I booked this many spring weddings that I would be this busy.  Thankfully work has been pouring in -shoots of all kinds, acting opportunities, client meetings, etc.- but I've been struggling keeping me sanity (and consciousness.)  Funny enough, I recall slow days in February and March enjoying crafting up a storm and having tons of family time.  Lately I wish, I wish, I wish I could clone myself.

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I love the work I get to do.  When I'm on a shoot or tucked away in my new office editing, I enjoy it so much.  Often I even feel guilty, that work shouldn't be so much fun because being productive and "working" is supposed to be drudgery, right?  Obviously, the answer is no, that you ought to love what you do and do what you love, but it still feels a little wrong enjoying myself so much while getting paid.

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This week I had the joy of being hired to the University of Texas's Student Unions dept. for a grand portrait shoot around their buildings.  One of the gals, (name dropping here: who's mentor was Rosa Parks and who's father was personal friends with MLK, Jr.) hired me to shoot her extended family yesterday morning as her father had just entered hospice care and all of his family was gathering to be with him.  I was so blessed by being with them for that short hour yesterday.  A family full of love and brimming with joy despite the circumstances.

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Shoots galore, I tell you, shoots galore.

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Today, besides uploading all the photos from last night's wedding we worked, I'm finally taking a day off.  We're starting out with a restaurant-style breakfast and then Brian will prep for tomorrow's triathlon he's been tirelessly training for.  Taking a break and needing it, like, big time.

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Anonymous said...

I feel myself doing some deep breathing just reading your post.

Okay, now cleansing breath and exhale - feel yourself relaxing all the way to your toes. Inhale. And again, cleansing breath.

I love you! Mama


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