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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mister Sassypants

He's always been a strong-willed child, but, Heavens to Betsy, this is getting ridiculous.
Fact is, our little dude is not the boss and needs to know it -in love, but with greater strength and consistency than we've been dishing out.

No longer, oh tiny tyrant, shall you eat nothing but chips, crackers and cookies.  No longer shall you drink gallons of chocolate milk and nothing else.  We've been winning the tooth-brushing battle lately (hooray for big victories) and now it's time to conquer the food issue.  And the constant "NO!" issue.  And the screaming fits issue.

I read a genius tip in a book my mom gave me on how to brush an obstinate toddler's teeth and it's been working pretty dang well.  The author suggested taking whatever you child is lately obsessed with (for Wilder it's dragons, lions, and Thomas the Tank Engine,) imagining they are in his mouth and telling him you're going to tickle them out.  Instead of Wilder screaming bloody murder, he tells you who's in his mouth and happily opens wide, pointing out where they're at.  This works many nights -not flawlessly, but 1000% better than before.  If you know of a small toothbrush fighter, this trick just might work.

When it comes to food, I'd given up making Wilder anything normal since he won't eat it.  Chicken nuggets, any combination of sandwiches -fo'gedaboudit, as my uncle Vinny would say.  Okay, so I don't have an uncle Vinny.  But I DO have a formerly good eater who now eats worse than a male college student, minus the beer.

My plan of attack is... well, excuse me one minute.  I am currently in a battle over cookies and I need to win.  I'll be experimenting with various veggies he's taken interest in and hopefully will make headway.  Wouldn't it be amazing if he at *gasp* meat?! 
Imagining the possibilities and dreaming big...

Off to tame the cookie monster.

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Anonymous said...

Tell yourself (while he is protesting) that he REALLY does want you to set these boundries - NOT an easy task, but I have faith in you and Brian.
Remember these 3 C's
I love you too much to let you...
Love, Mama


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