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Friday, June 10, 2011

Central Texas Family Fun, Unplanned & Cheap

I want to go on vacation.  Financially, we need to have a staycation.
Okay: I want to plan a staycation.  Brian just wants me to finally start taking days off.  You know, like a normal person.  Wednesday evening and Thursday morning/afternoon I finally did and we had so much fun, on the cheap.

Blue Hole park in Georgetown is awesome.  You can jump from limestone cliffs into the deep river water, swim surrounded by beautiful tree coverage while enjoying a gorgeous sunset, or slip down a natural little water slide.  The rocks are rather slippery, so wear swim shoes with traction.  This area is best for capable swimmers.

McDonald's in Taylor, TX Yesterday we drove east on 29 through the countryside, and south on 95 into Taylor where we stopped at McDonald's and the kids had a ball playing with other tykes.  The playscape is outdoors, mainly covered in shade.  Obviously, this is an ideal situation when the weather is cooperative and yesterday it certainly was.

One of the great things about living where we do is being surrounded by farms and ranches.  Though I miss Alaska's grand mountains, after almost four years I still melt at the beauty of the rolling fields.  Plus, one thing Central Texas has that Alaska doesn't: an abundance of wildflowers 8 months out of the year.  I love seeing Spring arrive with the Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush, then Summer with the gorgeous sunflowers that take over.  There's always something in bloom.

Ikea in Round Rock, TX  We toured the store, survived a series of tantrums, found several treasures and enjoyed lunch together (especially that scrumptious chocolate-mousse-cake!)  Repeating that trip for my birthday next month.  Once you get used to the size and layout (and endless options) of Ikea, it's really a fun place to visit.  Those Scandinavians are brilliant.

There are so many other fun things I want to do.  The Mayborn Planetarium and Space Theater in Killeen, Inner Space Caverns just down the road in Georgetown, Round Rock Express baseball games, to name a few.
Balancing work and family time when you work from home is always a challenge, but we'll get there.  Or at least closer.  Now, I feel a bit more refreshed, recharged and reconnected.  Thank goodness for smart suggestions (high five, Brian.)

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Anonymous said...

Ikea - now that's got to be a target of my next visit Fun-Fun
I sure love you four Texans! Mama


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