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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cheap 'n Easy: Pamper, Shop & Eat Yummy For Less

Lately I haven't had much time for anything but work, but I've been learning to take breaks, have family time and refresh myself in order to prevent burn out.  It's a process, but I am thankful for all the little lessons  and small ways I've found to keep life well-rounded.

For those who also have small budgets and short-but-sweet amounts of time on their hands, here are a few snazzy tips and ideas I've picked up on quick-n-cheap ways to find windows of joy.


Thrift Store Therapy
Once a month (or so) I visit my local, favorite thrift store to treasure hunt.  The Caring Place not only has excellent prices, but also a lovely selection from kids toys, furniture to clothing.  My closet is slowly filling up with vintage gloriousness, as well as my walls.

Walking Historic Neighborhoods
I had the extreme joy of walking Georgetown's historic district with adorable homes and quaint Texas yards while catching up with a dear friend.  We even visited the library, grabbing a refreshing beverage on the way, and stopped on the historic square to browse the Saturday Market.  Cheap, easy, filled with fresh air.

Friar Tuck's Pantry
A spot of tea and a fresh scone with free WiFi AND a kid's play area (though it's better for quieter, well behaved children -which don't live at my house.)  This sweet spot is located in Round Rock's historic area on Main Street/FM 620 and is an absolute gem.  Delicious food (including lunch) and an excellent selection of teas and coffee.  Prices are very reasonable and you'll love the atmosphere.


Iced Green Tea
Put the kettle on, pour boiling water into a pitcher along with 3-4 tea bags, steep and enjoy on ice.  Pop a spring of fresh mint in your glass or a slice of orange for extra fun!

10 Min. Sun Therapy
After a morning of working in my home office, I join the kids in the backyard and soak up some rays during my lunch break.  10 minutes is just enough time before the sweltering Texas sun gets to be too intense.  No matter where you live, a 10 minute break in the great outdoors does wonders to clear your mind and lift your spirits.  Through is a few stretches and, holy moly, you're good as new!

Waverley, my 1 1/2 year old, is bringing me a handful of board books as I write this :)  Spending a few minutes a day reading with the kids helps me connect as well as have enriching time with my Wild Things.  Even though their ages and attention spans are significantly different, it's invaluable time together.

Eating at the Table
Lunch and dinner breaks should be just that.  Breaks.  Sitting down at the kitchen table instead of in front of the computer makes food so much more fulfilling and enjoyable, plus that time to simply think is utterly refreshing.

Clean Feet
Okay, I'm weird.  This I know quite well.  BUT, right before I go to bed (especially if I've spend the day barefoot and wearing sandals) I find a foot bath unspeakably pampering and soothing.  I don't do anything special -just sit on the side of the tub, rinse/soak my feet, wash with some soap and skip into bed.  Foot lotion is also divine and can be applied right before slipping into those crisp, welcoming sheets.  That's it.  I'm going to bed -it all sounds so tempting, even at noon!

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