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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

San Antonio Zoo: Family Fun, Happy Hippos, etc.

Recently we took a work trip to San Antonio and stopped off at their rather splendid zoo.
Now this is the place you want to go if you're bringing the family to this neck of Texas.
For a small fee, a tiny train will pick you up for a tour of several sight-worthy areas, making stops to drop off and pick up riders.  Choose the sunken tea gardens or the amazing Witte Museum, then hop back on the train to return to the zoo or Brakenridge Park -another incredibly worthy stop.  It's. Gorgeous.



We arrived at the zoo just in time for the hippo show!  The two hippos (a breeding pair, so we learned) did tricks for apples.  Their tank is filled with fish; a symbiotic relationship.  The fish clean up after the hippos, the hippos allow the fish to live there rent free.  And they tell really good jokes.
Unlike me.




Wilder went nuts over the zebras.  He's still asking to go back and see them.

The "Wetlands" section of the zoo was neato!  This stone bridge had water running between from one pond to the other.  All sorts of birds, ducks, geese, alligators, turtles -tons of fun!


We are still hearing about the train and the zoo.  Every morning, Wilder wakes up and drags me to the door, insists I put my shoes on and we go back.  We did go back again (had another San Antonio shoot) and, even though Wilder wouldn't shut up about the train, once we tried to board he kicked and screamed, refusing to get on.  Same thing with getting into the zoo.  Poor Brian had both the kids.
Now when Wilder insists we go to the zoo, we tell him he can.  For his 13th birthday.

Besides having a neurotic (though adorable) son, this was a fabulous trip and I highly recommend the San Antonio Zoo for some family fun.  Admission is very reasonable.

1) Fill a camelback with icewater, pop it in your backpack or handbag and keep your crew happily hydrated during the scorching summer.  Sheer brilliance.

2) Attend as many "shows" as you can.  Fun stuff, educational, and the animals are fun to see close up and in action.

3) Wear matching or coordinating, obnoxious colored shirts.  Or at least make the kids; easy to find in the crowds.  Maybe pin a note on the back of each child, "Beware: I Bite Hard" -that way no one would dare take them.

Happy Summer!

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I AM JOE PESCI said...

That looks like a fabulous zoo! I loved the hippo pics. All the pictures, in fact, were marvelous. Happy summer to you!


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