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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Upping the Ante: The Quest for 5%

Hey, can I share something?  (She asked in a conversational tone.)

It started off with coffee.  The topic was how to create an miraculously delicious cup o' joe and it was being discussed by my husband.  First, says he, you start by using filtered water instead of tap water, creating a 5% increase (though he actually would say 50%) in the quality of the final cup.  Then you select a higher quality of roasted beans (another percentage increase,) then a better filtration system, then frothed milk, etc. until you end up with the world's best cup of coffee.  All of this has been done by refining several little things to create one big difference.

Yes, Brian is the King of Metaphors and I really appreciate it (because I stink at them.)

As an entrepreneur, I have been trying to apply the 5% rule in my work.  Lately (as I've shared earlier) I've been focusing more on design and packaging.  It's the little touches that really sell you on things, right?  First off, you have to like the product/service, but how it's presented makes you ho-hum or ecstatic -I'm trying to move from the former to the latter.  Here are a few of my recent "cups of coffee."

Featuring the stellar designs of Sweet Sunday Events.  Location: The Vineyard at Florence, TX.

Again, featuring Sweet Sunday Events.  Location: Schwertner Ranch Event Center.

Location: San Gabriel House B&B, Georgetown, TX.

Cibolo, TX (just outside of San Antonio) at the fiance's mother's home.

Cibolo, TX at their favorite date spot -the fishin' hole. (So sweet!)

Personalization, customization and all-around design.  That's what I've been integrating and I am quite pleased with the developments.  Physical packaging is another thing I've been focusing my attention on, too.  Carefully wrapped items tied up with bows that coordinate with their wedding colors, fancy little labels with my business name, fresh white bubble mailers instead of the silly yellow ones you buy with the duck on them.  It's the small things, but shoot, they make a huge difference.

It's all about the 5%.  And soon my work will be 50% better than it was 6 months ago and I can't wait to see what that's going to look like!

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