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Monday, August 1, 2011

Hold On, There: Clarifying Goals {instead of just surviving}

I've been bombarded by hints to stop and take stock of my work, clarifying what direction I'm going and why.  As a (still relatively new) entrepreneur, I'm feeling the strain of those first three years "they" (the all knowing they) say it typically takes to get on your feet.  As I shoulder my plow each day, I realize the past few months I've been staring at the ground in front of me, instead of looking where I'm going, planning my field.

So... the call for clarity and goal making HAS been heard and SHALL be answered.
At least I'll give it a start (before I fall asleep at my desk.)

Oh, yeah.  I got a hair cut!  (Don't worry, conservative friends, it doesn't always look this crazy.)

Question: What am I doing?

Answer:  I am self employed in various creative endeavors (namely photography and acting) so I don't go crazy in a cubicle and suffer Death by Office.  I am exercising my artistic side daily while serving others, preserving priceless memories and doing my darnedest to make them look gooooood.  (Throw in an "Awhriiight" a la Mitch Hedburg.)

Guess that pretty much answers the "why" part, too.

Question:  Uh. (Long pause.)
Answer:  Ah.  I don't need a question to figure out my answer.  My answer to this whole, "What are my goals" is this:  to continue what I'm doing and keep getting better at it in all aspects.  More efficient, creative, customer service oriented, upping the quality of everything (that 5% I talked about last time,) while creating more time for family and myself.

Someday I'll sew again, read (and finish) books, bake, have coffee dates, twiddle my thumbs and wonder what I should do that day.  For now, though, I am stinkin' blessed to be inundated  with work and have the ability to do it.  Everyday I learn something new, try different techniques, look into various options.  I get to grow and no one can make me stop developing, creating and trying.
And, gosh darn it, people like my work.  And when I make them happy, it makes me happy.

All right motivational and business guru's, I answered my questions.
And I'm doing what I love.
I'm happy.

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Anonymous said...

Exactly! Well put.

Cuz Yo Mama said so.


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