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Thursday, August 4, 2011

RoadTrip Bound!


Brian is giving us a mini-vacation.  He's competing in another triathlon and this one happens to be in Houston, so we're making a 4-day weekend and spending one of those days dipping our toes in the ocean in Galveston.  The other days will be spent with extended family -and Wilder, in anticipation, won't stop asking to get in the car to go to the beach and see Grandma and Grandpa.  Makes me happy.

It's going to be tough not bringing work with me, leaving the computer and my hard drives at home.  I've got plenty to do, but, honestly, it's okay to take a break.  And, boy, do I need one.
I shall shed the "should do's" and embrace this time enjoying the adventure of a little road trip with toddlers, entertaining them in the back seat, making sand castles, the first two restless nights away from home as we all share a room -oh, the joys of travel!  It's these bonding experiences that I love -those long talks with Brian as we drive the open road, the pit stops at all the playland's attached to fast food joints along the highway, the blessed soft-serve cones at McD's.

Now I'm psyched.

Ah, you may be asking what in the world these pictures have to do with this post.  Nothing.  But, they are from today and it was a little exercise in making family priority, even though I have oodles of other work to do (and, pat on the back, I have accomplished gobs of official work today, as well.)

Time to pack my swim suit, camera and flip flops.
Let's get ready for another great adventure!

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Love, Mama


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