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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Recent Sightings

One of my favorite wedding vendors, Sweet Sunday Events, asked me to sign up with Two Bright Lights, a wedding-related marketing site that connects photographers (and others in the wedding industry) with online and print publications.  I originally signed up with Two Bright Lights in order to submit several shoots/weddings Sweet Sunday Events and I worked together, but now that I've discovered the ease and excitement of submitting, I admit I'm rather addicted.  Since I joined a few weeks ago I've had 6 shoots picked up and featured by various national and international wedding blogs of note and I am over the moon with yippity-skippity excitement!

110723Alyssa sm1 8
As I've been buried in work with little time to play or share stories about the kids (because, honestly, I don't see them much) I wanted to share some of my favorite shots from recent shoots.  Alyssa's bridal portraits are being featured on two wonderful wedding websites and this shot above is one she'll have on display at her wedding next month.

Such a neat sunset shoot!

Michelle and Adam's fun-filled engagement session has also been selected for another stunning wedding site -so excited to share the link when it publishes.  We had a wonderful time shooting around Georgetown and Granger while dodging storm clouds.

These are vintage scooters we borrowed from one of my favorite stores in Georgetown, Rough & Ready Antiques.  They're on my wish list.  Every time I look at this shoot it makes me want to spend half and afternoon at that fabulous shop.

We created a bouquet from an obliging field (I feel straight out of "Sense and Sensibility" saying that) and I adore how romantic and rustic it looks.

110815Aubrey 1
'Tis the time for babies!  It seems half the women I know are expecting and it has been a joy celebrating with so many of my friends.  I did a maternity shoot with my dear friend, Aubrey, who's  expecting their first in September.

110815Aubrey 1-2
Precious, precious.

And speaking of wee ones, a few peeks at a Happy Birthday session I did for Miss Caroline's 2 year old celebration!

We shot in my studio, Berry Springs, then at her daddy's fire station.


Miss Caroline is also expecting a little sister!  So happy for Megan & Troy (and little Lady C.)


110820JessicaDevon snpk 12
And the Fall wedding season is upon us.  Sneak peeks from last weekend's San Antonio wedding with the sweet and beautiful couple, Jessica and Devon!

110820JessicaDevon snpk 15

Brian decided to take this semester off so that I can commit more time to my work; that's a really big step for us.  The business is growing, opportunities continue to arise and the learning never stops.  I cannot express my thankfulness that I have the freedom in this country to be self-employed and pursue what I love.  We are overwhelmingly blessed!

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