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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Chic DIY Baby Shower: Welcome, Jude!

I had absolutely nothing to do with how beautiful this shower looks.  I just documented it, and what a LOVELY shower it was!

Aubrey has decorated Jude's room with yellow, shades of grey, white and black so the fabulous ladies who designed her shower took color scheme (and theme -birds) and ran with it.

I adore all of the details!  Hot glued branches on the table tents with the cut out birds perched on top.  Even the water bottles were redone with labels printed from home.  Michele from intriguedesignstudio.etsy.com is the designer and has a great shop where you can buy the printables!  Check her out!

The trike diaper cake was totally rad, made by one of the organizers who also spearheaded the majority of decor projects (like the grey and yellow hanging pompoms) and games.  Her name is Jessica and she's now in charge of planning MY birthday party.  In July.
It's gonna be AWESOME.

The announcement wreath was made by Aubrey's sister.  I love the yarn wrapping around it, plus check out the cool decoupage "Baby Jude" on the mantel that Jessica (above mentioned) also made.  I felt the urge to go home and glue scraps of paper onto something.

I'm nearly speechless.  This spread was so gorgeous and yummy!  All made by the hostesses and the cake was ordered from a local gal -friend of a friend (something like that.)

The words of wisdom clothes pinned to the ribbon across the daddy-to-be's office doorway were not just beautiful, but touching and encouraging.  As I wrote mine out, it helped remind me to put my priorities in check.  Something I need to keep reminding myself to do; it's so easy to lose touch, don't you think?

This girl time did my heart so much good!  I've passed on getting together with friends for what feels like (and probably is) months since if I'm not working, I'm eeking in some family time.  Time with other lovely women, surrounded by such sweet things (for eyes and tummies), and celebrating my dear friend's first baby on the way -so many wonderful things!

Congratulations, Aubrey and Danny!  And Welcome (soon) Jude!

I am shooting with them on Monday and hopefully they'll let me  feature the maternity session here and on the photoblog -so stay tuned!


Michele @ crazyfordesign said...

You did such a great job with these photos. It looks and sounds like everyone had a great time! If anyone would like the printables, they're available in my etsy shop! (intriguedesignstudio.etsy.com)
Thanks so much!
Michele (Jessica's cousin)

Kelly Cameron said...

Michele, thanks so much for providing the link to your shop! I added your info into the post, looked at your store and simply love it! You do excellent work!

Thank you,

Michele @ crazyfordesign said...

Oh thank you so much! I'm definitely a new fan!


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