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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Taking Time to Design

The kids and I stole ten minutes before bed to snap a few pictures (again, credit goes to Wilder who had control of the remote.)  After they were successfully tucked in (credit goes to Brian,) I dedicated a few short, sweet hours to working on my continued learning (and mucking about) with design.

Lately I've been moving the business into a more design-oriented direction.  I want to integrate the style of each event (read "wedding") in the "packaging" of the final product -mainly how it's featured on the blog, shared on facebook and bound up in their custom photobooks I create.  Check out the link to see some of the pretty things I've been cooking up!

But this picture really does say it.  Creativity + caffeine + love = happy life, survived :)
I've been clocking ridiculous hours trying to catch up on all these weddings and other shoots and, I tell ya, it's really hard not to get burned out.  I don't want the quality of my work to suffer because I'm drained, so today I took a day off from normal work and dedicated a chunk of hours to catching up on family things, the blog, and learning.

The past week we've been having family exercise mornings, backpacking or running our neighborhood.  When we "ruck," I'll carry one of the kids in the carrier and Brian will weigh down with a gargantuan pack.  During those neighborhood hikes we also have our board meetings.  Our sounding board meetings, I should say.  It's awesome.  We're having family time, we're exercising, we're hashing out business ideas, talking about areas of growth and strategy, and we're outside.  Excellence, plain and simple.

I am so thankful that I have so much at my finger tips and that we've taken the chances and made those crazy life changes that have facilitated this lifestyle.  Leaving the safe haven of Mother Army nearly 1 1/2 years ago and relying on my new photography business, hoping it would hold up to our hopes -we're continually surprised by the success, major growth and satisfaction.  It's definitely a joint venture; I couldn't do this if it wasn't for Brian being the go-to guy for caring for the kiddos.

Part of my break today was a family trip to the thrift store.  I found this happily hideous skirt that I fell in love with (it's got pockets) and put it together with a slip and vest I found on other trips there.  I am turning into a late 80's/early 90's mother and I feel no shame.  Brian's eyes roll from time to time, but -hey- at least I'm not afraid to try something, er....old?

So, how 'bout them apples?  TWO new posts in one day.  Only took me two weeks to get around to, but I am so glad it finally happened.

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I AM JOE PESCI said...

What a wonderful life!


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