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Monday, November 21, 2011

Today is Not Your Day.

You can't make everybody happy.  

I hear that.  I've heard that.  I know it, but when you've got the personality of a golden retriever, the reality of that adage STINKS.

And you know that silly saying slapped on plaques and t-shirts in cheesy catalogues, the one about "I can only make one person happy today.  Today is not your day,"?  When you're faced with the choice, always stay with the highest stakes.  If your choice is making someone at work happy or making your family happy, it should be a no-brainer, but often times (for this golden retriever) it takes some reminding.

It's hard when you're carrying a business to not sacrifice your family; something's got to give -and there's only so much you CAN give.  My business turned 2 years old this month.  It's flourishing, I'm learning, I love my job.  It's afforded us a kind of life not possible if both of us worked away from the home full time.  Still, it's a challenge -for everyone.  But isn't that life?  To quote a favorite movie, you must choose the lesser of two weevils. 

As challenging as it's been owning a business -which I still see as very much a family-run operation- and as overwhelmed as I get at times trying be successful in all of my personal roles, I am thankful for this chance to create, seize opportunities, make things happen and be around my family as I work.

I have a good team.  And I love them.
And they need to come first.

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Anonymous said...

You can only be stretched so far. This is a really tough one.
TEAM only works if everyone is ON the team, remembering there is no 'I' in team.
I know you know all this - guess my best to you is ~ I'm sending an extra dose of my love. My prayers are with you for God's strength, endurance and mercy to abound. I love you so much. Mama


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