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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wilder's Christmas Tree Birthday. In October.

111024WilderBirthday 1
Wilder turned 4 and, as previously posted, requested (read demanded) we put the Christmas tree up and for Santa to bring him presents.  Since I was brought up in Alaska where often you get snow before Halloween and we couldn't help but install Christmas music in the cd disc changer from October-February, how could I resist?

Here with his nutritious breakfast of a hulk-green cupcake (icing-filled, mind you, with pumpkin-orange) which he mainly licked the icing off before Zaccai took it off his hands (hey, you leave a cupcake laying around for two hours, I'd say you aren't serious about it.)

111024WilderBirthday 2
Waverley assisted in making Wilder's cheesecake.

The Kings took all the kids to our neighborhood park and Brian and I got serious about celebrating.
111024WilderBirthday 3
Yes, that's Frosting the Snowman (as Wilder says) wrapping paper.

111024WilderBirthday 4

111024WilderBirthday 5
Balloon tree skirts.  So hot right now.

111024WilderBirthday 6
Returning from the park and ready to party.

111024WilderBirthday 7
Cousins.  Makes me so happy.

111024WilderBirthday 8

111024WilderBirthday 9

And now, for Wilder's reaction:
111024WilderBirthday 10

111024WilderBirthday 11

111024WilderBirthday 12
I think we scored.

111024WilderBirthday 13
Brian bought this train set with Wilder at the store several weeks ago, but told him he had to wait until his birthday to play with it.  For DAYS afterward, Wilder whined about playing with his new train.  No concept of waiting (surprise) -SO- I told him that Santa took it and was going to bring it on his birthday.  This seemed to do the job.  Whenever he'd start fussing to play with his train, I'd remind him that Santa took it and he accepted it.  Lies are awesome.

111024WilderBirthday 14

111024WilderBirthday 15
Aunt Brooke and Co. send some really fun tub whistles that all the kids enjoyed tooting.  Wilder especially.  He's a rootin' tootin' kinda guy.

111024WilderBirthday 16
Aunt Crystal brought a big box of clothes for both the kids and Timmy found a rather nice ventilated hat.

111024WilderBirthday 17

111024WilderBirthday 18
Thanks to Aunt Crystal, Waverley was the birthday cheerleader.  She now pulls out the outfit and says, "Pitty!  Pitty!"  She feels so attractive in her spiffy outfits from Aravis.

111024WilderBirthday 19
Mom enjoying the hubbub of her grandbabies.

111024WilderBirthday 20
"Who let the Spree's out?  Who -who, who, WHO?"
Waverley called dibs and, hm, perhaps that was why she was soooo cranky that afternoon.
But at least she shared :)

111024WilderBirthday 21

111024WilderBirthday 22
The morning line up.
Amazing how many sippy cups a crew of 8 kids go through in a few hours.

111024WilderBirthday 23
The oldest cousins.

111024WilderBirthday 24

111024WilderBirthday 25
The fun continued.  We loaded in the van and left Brian home with Wilder and Wesley while the rest of us took a trip to heaven, er, IKEA for shopping and lunch.
Brian and the Lost Boys took a bike ride to the park in our adjoining neighborhood, which Brian renamed the Tour de Pain since it took for-ev-er to get there.  Wilder is not, shall we say, proficient in bike riding.  Or big wheel riding.  But, he was inspired by Wesley and Timmy's ability and since their visit has gained a significant proficiency.

After coming home from our collective adventures and family bonding, we put the short people down for naps and movies and prepped for further festivities.  Namely, the PortraitBooth.  Those fun shots coming up next...

Thank you so much for all of the family who made Wilder's birthday so much fun!  Wilder received his box from MiMa and Boppa later that day while I was out shooting a couple session with Crystal and George (so fun!) and he and Sissy have been loving their presents.  Thank you to the great-grandparents and aunts for sending cards and love, for Grandmama for her gifts and presence with us, and for the Kings who truly know how to party.  We were so blessed and Wilder had the best birthday ever!  Please come back next year!

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