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Friday, March 27, 2015

Mama, When's MY Audition?!

Wilder's check came in the mail for the acting gig he and I booked.  He allowed Waverley to come along on his special trip to the toy stores to spend his allotted amount of money and... well... she was pretty inspired.  "I want to audition, Mama!  When do I get to do the audition?!"

So I decided to ride the enthusiasm both kids had and grab some updated headshots :)  Both of their online actor profiles are sparkly fresh with these new photos and, whadyaknow, Waverley got her first solo audition.  (We've all auditioned as a family once before -that was rather disastrous- but this was her first time being called in on her own.)  She was pretty excited -and she did a marvelous job, having lots of fun with the experience.  Plus a trip to the candy store afterward is always a welcome treat :)

After the audition, I asked her as we were buckling in, "Oh!  Can we take a picture?"
"Mama, now a silly one."
Oh my gosh, I nearly lost it... A selfie queen in the making.

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