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Monday, March 30, 2015

The Power of Positive | Kinobody Progress | Personal Goals

Quite honestly, after 5 months of mentally focusing on slimming down and building muscle (having never really focused on the latter before, ever) I was reaching a point of BLAH.

I had seen some exciting progress, but felt like I had stalled or was going at such a snails pace that it wasn't worth the effort of tracking my calories, eating with intention and having a calorie deficit.  I just wanted to eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted and to heck with all this anal retentiveness, gosh darnit!  (Quite a contrast to my rah-rah post below...)

And I KNEW that there were things I needed to do differently to get back into the groove, but it wasn't until chatting with my husband (who's on a similar fitness journey) and listening to a great Road To Ripped podcast with kinobody.com's Greg O'Gallagher and guest Nate Tebow that I was able to refresh my perspective and came away with some FANTASTIC motivation.  (How's that for a run on sentence?)

The most striking things from Greg and Nate's conversation was Nate's daily discipline of writing 3 things he's grateful for, taking time to meditate and visualize his success/goals (also one of Greg's things,) and -first and foremost- remembering WHY you're on this journey.

I hit me:  I forgot why I was doing this!
Of course, I wanted to slim down and lose the weight I gained during pregnancy (read: eating ANYTHING I wanted, whenever I wanted and using pregnancy as an excuse.)  But I reconnected with the personal challenge and goal I had originally set.  I want to reach a level of physical fitness I've never thought possible to achieve, but I truly believe IS possible for me.  Nate is a great example of that!  From a skinny 6'1" 120lbs kid to his now astounding physique -all naturally built.  I mean, just look at that guy!  His before and after photos are (beat) ridiculous.  In a totally rad way.

I kept running up against a mental "Can't" block.  "I've never been that toned/muscular before, don't know if I can do that..."  I was starting my day with resistance, even while attempting to implement Greg's daily affirmations.  Getting rid of the negative block, embracing the process, celebrating my incremental accomplishments and living in an attitude of gratitude -awh, YESSSSSSS!  Now, that's the way I want to approach my journey!  And these are all things that Greg advocates in his kinobody.com programs.  I love how balanced his approach is -that mind and body are inseparable and we need to approach our goals not just physically but mentally with as much zeal.
Two more things bumped me out of my BLAH zone today.  First, (accidentally) doing my first unassisted pull up since ...hmmmm.... five years ago?  I was warming up and thought I'd try to do a half-pull up and completely surprised myself by reaching the top with far less effort than I imagined!

Secondly, this image compilation.  The photo on the top right is from January 15th, 2015, the other two are from this morning.  THAT.  That is progress.  And that's kinobody philosophy at work.  

The positive thinking speaks to me and continues to be the biggest difference between my success and failure.  I love hearing how these two gents -models of success- use it to sculpt their lives and bring satisfaction and joy.  

Now, I am looking forward to knocking my goals outta the PARK!  And I'm feeling much more fulfilled doing it. :)

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Wonderful, thank you!


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