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Friday, March 27, 2015

Tennyson at 5 months | The Wonder Baby

This baby, I tell ya what!!
5 month session from earlier this month.  He wakes up every morning with smiles and coos.  He is jolly, belly laughs at the kids when they play peek-a-boo or do silly antics (which is often.)  He's been eating mashed banana for a month now and it's his favorite.  We've tried sweet potato+banana, oatmeal+banana and, so far, just plain banana wins.

He has great muscle control and continues to explore tactilely.  You know, as babies do.  Everything in his mouth, amazingly strong grip, etc.  

Tennyson loves people -especially his people.  I'll be trying to breastfeed him and when he hears Brian's voice or the kids playing, he whips his head back and stares at them upside down, totally captivated.  I cannot get over how amazingly sweet this little boy is.  I've never seen a kid as easy going and as sweet tempered.

We are CRAZY blessed! XOXO

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