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Thursday, January 15, 2009

At Home -And A New Addition

Wilder hijacked the tape roll as we boxed up some goodies to send to Daddy.

"Mom, you've GOT to try this! It's SO FUN!"
And Wilder wielded the tennis racket, trying to hit the ball for Savannah like Mommy does.
Yeah, it's about the size of his entire body. Amazing what you can do once you set your mind to it! And how quickly this little man is picking up new tricks, mimicking and copying what he sees.
Wilder's continued attitude of adventure put me in touch with the amazing feeling of discovery and accomplishment I felt -we all felt- when we were young. Remember taking things apart or putting them together and thinking, "Wow! This is incredible! Look what I can do!"? That childlike wonder of nature, mechanics, art, creativity -even food- is something I'm trying to get back to as I see my son enjoying each new exploration of life.
And our new addition. He has yet to be named, though currently he's called "Male Beta" since it was on the lid of the cup he came in. I told Brian he could have a vote, though I reserve veto power since I also have Wilder's vote. Of course, the fish matches my kitchen where he lives. Those of you may remember we owned a lovely, sturdy goldfish named Howie Doon who managed to live nearly 2 years. We'll see how long "Male Beta" holds up, hopefully just as long.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly! My gosh, Wilder looks so grown up in the above pictures! He's such a cute little boy! Glad to see all is well with you guys! Think about you often! Love, Kirsten

Brian said...

Uh, is it just me or does that beta already look dead?

Either way, I'm voting that his name be Luca Brasi. (Wait for it...)

Cause he sleeps with the fishes!

(Godfather reference, for those of you scratching your heads. Google it).


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