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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mrs. Organization

Mrs. Organization is staying at our house. Well, she actually leaves today and I already miss her. But her visit could not be complete without spearheading a few organizational projects. For this I am eternally grateful! Mom turned our pantry into a place of peace, order and beauty. We like to bring chairs inside and sit, admiring the perfection of the organized space. *Sigh* It's beautiful.
Wilder, take notes. This is not Mommy's strong suite -actually, you could say it's my weakest point, along with math. But I hope to keep this new beautiful pantry as tidy as possible. Thank you, Mrs. Organization. I'm so glad you came to my house and we love you SOOOOOO much!!

1 comment:

I AM JOE PESCI said...

could you send her to my house too? or at least let me see those notes.


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