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Friday, February 12, 2010

Visiting with Grandmama

We are so, so, SOOOOOO enjoying having my mom here. She arrived just before Brian went back to work from paternity leave and she gets to be here until the 18th when my sister and two of her girls arrive from California for a week's visit. It's just wonderful having mom here!
These pictures are priceless to me, just as this time is. I know both mom and the rest of the family in Washington sacrificed a lot in parting with her for this length of time. I am so very grateful and treasure this time together and SO greatly appreciate all of mom's help.
Waverley Jane being held by her namesake (Jane Ellen.)
Some of the fun stuff we've been getting up to: NCIS marathons and rounds of Nertz. Playing cards with mom is classic family fun and you can usually find her busily battling Nertz solitare-style when she's not cooking, cleaning or playing with Wilder -which she's basically been doing constantly since she arrived. We have been treated to such great meals and a sparkling home -plus a well played with toddler :) Oh, Oh!! I even got my carpets cleaned!!! Something that's been on the wish list for ages and hasn't been done since we moved in 2 1/2 years ago. I'm a happy lady. (Mom didn't clean the carpets, but she helped make it happen! I couldn't have prepped without her.)
Waverley asleep, filled with the spirit. "Praise the Lord and pass the milk!"
Oh, I love these pictures!
Waverley doing her best hedgehog impression. Brian's given her that nickname -personally I think it's because of her fluffy hair.
Waverley and Wilder both have colds -poor snuffly babies- and we've been staying cozy inside with this drizzly weather. Brian and I (and Waverley) have a date tonight, participating in The Georgetown Swirl where we'll get to walk along the historic Georgetown Square and enjoy catering and wine tasting at 10 selected storefronts featuring some of the best wineries in Texas and local restaurants fare. Brian is running the Austin Marathon on Valentine's Day (yeah, not something I'D choose to do on the national day for chocolate lovers, but -boy howdy- am I proud of him!) And that, my friends, is the fun and excitement we've been up to!
Happy Valentine's Weekend! May your love be rekindled and your chocolate be plentiful!

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