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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Did I Mention it SNOWED?!

Last week it SNOWED and stayed for about 24 hours. Unbelievable for Central Texas. Here my niece, Hannah, catches a few yummy flakes (photo by Crystal -nice job, Sissy!)
Don't it look like dessert, folks? It felt so normal probably because Crystal was here and we just imagined we were back "home" in Alaska. We put on "White Christmas" and had multiple cups of tea, Wilder later watched his favorite holiday movie, "The Polar Express," though I limited it to 2 viewings instead of perpetual play as he insisted during December.

Brian came home and the first thing he did was insist that Wilder join him for a play in the snow. He was SO excited! Here are the men constructing a snowman.

Some cuddly love on a cold day -Wilder just hopped out of hot bubble bath after his snow playtime with Papa. Awh, we had fun. Thanks, God, for the white "holiday!"

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Anonymous said...

BIG BIG snowy white FUN for you Texans and visiting Californians. Too fun! Love, Mama


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