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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

From "Hooah" to "HOORAY!"

Holy cow, the earth is spinning fast and times are a-changin'. This week marks (trumpets, please) the end of Brian's full-time Army career. Yes, that's right, folks. Brian's last day of work is Friday and he is officially discharged at the end of April, taking all of his remaining leave time for a long, paid vacation. A working vacation, that is. Brian is hip-deep in starting up an awesome personal trainer/bootcamp/challenge course program, though he probably wouldn't describe it that way. I'm really excited for what he's creating and it's fabulous seeing him passionate about his new work. He's still planning on pursuing his EMT certification through schooling, but he's working towards being his own boss. We LOVE the idea of both being self-employed with the freedom and flexibility to focus on our family while doing what we love.

Photography is taking off; lots of weddings booked and the potential for being the main photographer for a new Georgetown magazine (exchanging advertising space for photos) has me rather excited. I'm also adjusting quite nicely to being mommy-of-two without extra help -my sister and her girls left last Thursday after a wonderful visit and tons of fabulous help. So life is settling in, but, as you read, there are about to be more major changes.

Big adjustment: Sharing the house with Brian as he has a non-traditional schedule. Girls, you know what I'm talking about -this is a toughie. When Brian is at work I am the queen of the castle, I control my environment and I'm the caretaker/boss of the kids. Throw another boss in the mix and what do you get? Perhaps a bit of a circus. Thankfully Brian has an office and has claimed the garage as his "man cave" so he has several places to retreat to. Though it will take awhile getting used to being around each other and doing the "who's on duty" dance while we both try to be productive and create a fun/functional place for the kids, I am so very thankful that Brian no longer has to work 15 hour days and be deployed. We're replacing "hooah" with "HOORAY!!!!!"

Hopefully starting next week I will be Brian's first client. And I'm a little n-n-n-n-nervous. But excited! It's going to be brutal, but I aim to live up to the challenge. We're both looking forward to seeing how this "test case" goes and how it will help shape his regime he's planning. We're also eating healthier as a family and that paired with the small hints of Spring showing up are great motivators to overall life fitness. We've even been talking about taking a camping trip in the near future. FUN!!!

All of this to say we are embarking on a new frontier -the civilian life. Ideas are blossoming, our family is growing, and only the Lord knows what's ahead. I have total faith and confidence that as we continue to follow the Lord, he will make our path straight and guide us in the right direction. We are so blessed and I can't wait to see what's ahead for us!

Congratulations, Honey, for 7 years of service and for making it out of the Army with your sanity in tact! Now it's my turn to try to drive you crazy.... I kid, I kid.

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I AM JOE PESCI said...

If I were there, I'd totally join up. I need some butt-kicking. I really do.

Congrats for everything . . . photography business, time served in the military, extra time with family, and most of all - those precious children!


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