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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Whatcha Doin'?

Since Brian started his terminal leave (the month of vacation time he had saved up in the Army used prior to getting out) I think I've worked harder and definitely more often than I have in months. I haven't been this busy since the last few weeks before the Uncommon Holiday Show and Sale, but this is a different kind of busy and it has also been a blessing.

God continues to amaze and surprise me. The week Brian started vacation I got 2 days of work at LifeSize, a teleconference communications company based in Austin that specializes in HD equipment. A week later I got more work. I've had several shoots, continue to book weddings, and have the opportunity to network at the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce's New Members Showcase. Brian has stepped in as Mr. Mom while I'm busily hustling from one gig to the next, all the while in amazement of how God continues to move us into blessing as we figure out what this next chapter in life looks like.

Last night I told Brian again how much I appreciate all of his help when this is supposed to be his vacation -a much deserved one after 7 years in the Army and 3 deployments. I was touched by his response, "Honey, I've missed this for so many years, it's fun for me to be here and involved." Kinda makes your heart melt, huh?

Before Brian's leave time started I expressed concern of how I was going to share my "kingdom" all day long. It's worked out amazingly. Brian's reorganizing the garage, turning it into a home gym, and finally got his office squared away in working order and he continues to figure out when to start classes for his paramedic/EMT course. ParaFit, his personal training company, is still taking shape -and now that I'm in week 3 of his bootcamp course, so am I! Brian is a terrific trainer! He gives me just enough push while asking me to do what seems impossible. The hardest part is breaking the mental barriers, the "I can't" mode. Remember hearing that if we can't hold a conversation while exercising we are working too hard? A load of crap. If you can talk while exercising you need to be pushing yourself harder.

I used to be stuck in my "rep quota." I'd go for a run, come home and do a certain set of leg lifts/crunches and a set or two of push ups and call it good. Brian has taken me from "rep quota" into the impossible, doing things like 100 push ups, 8 sets of ab exercises sandwiched by sprints, 150 squats, just to name a few. These sound INSANE and, to us women who consider a stroll on the sidewalk exercise, it is, but it's been invaluable. Besides seeing my muscles begin to take shape beneath the remaining baby padding, the most rewarding part of bootcamp has been the mental strengthening. Conquering physical goals -blowing them out of the water- provides me with the power to conquer other goals. Expanding the territory of "I Can" and loving it.

I better get ready for the day -I've giving a free make up class to a bride-to-be this morning and have an engagement photo shoot this afternoon. What's Brian doing? Yep, watching the babies. Life is neat, God is good, and I love my family.

Happy Saturday, Everybody!

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...and Happy Sunday! Love, Mama


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