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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Feels Like Home

I took a few shots while we were getting set up last week in our RV, but didn't take anymore because I was having TOO much fun (and I was working all day) to stop and document it.
Check out the Man of Order. How can such a wild and crazy guy be so precise?
Wilder loved bouncing from the kitchen table area to the couch. Over and over and over. Brian liked that there was really only one place for Wilder and Waverley to be, making managing the kiddos a piece of cake.
Bubbots, as Wilder calls them. Uncle Bear, these are winners! Great gifting.
I like the snack on wheels. Clever.
Brian hard at work, leveling the RV and getting her settled.
Wilder's bunk. I still can't believe he did such an awesome job going to bed without being in his crib and being in such a new place.
Waverley konked out while I settle in.
Me in the bathroom. For being a long, hot shower addict, I not only didn't mind taking efficient showers -I had fun!

Everything was fun. Yeah, I know, it was a new experience and even camping is fun for a few days, but we've been back at our house for 5 days or so and as each one passes we keep longing to be back in our little piece of heaven (on wheels.)
It suits us, and we're so stinkin' happy.

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Anonymous said...

Love you all - sounds like you are having fun! Mama


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