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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hiding in the Closet

I get an email. A voice over audition is needed ASAP. I have to record it from home. On my rinky-dink laptop with my 1995 headset with mic -'cause I'm that old school.

I print off the script (since my laptop can never get our own wireless connection,) grab the laptop and headset/mic and go hide in our master closet upstairs. Once I tried recording an audition in Brian's office, but Mary Poppins was a bit too strong in the background and sounded awfully funny when I did a playback. Now I hide in the closet. But I am not immune to the Wild One who often suspects where I'm holed up and bangs relentlessly on the various doors I have closed. A gauntlet of doors, yet no match for Wilder.

Today's audition had me running around the house trying to elude him. In one hilarious take I actually had him yelling at/for me and without missing a beat interjected at the end that the small child was not part of the audition, with my matter-of-fact apologies. What's a mom to do, huh?

We'll see if this latest acting effort pans out. Last week I was on hold as voice over talent for a commercial. Maybe this is the magic one. We'll see... And if you want to find me and I'm not in my regular places, check the closet.

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