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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Trial by Lightning

Tuesday evening we took our RV for its virgin run. Storm clouds filled the sky, forecasts bode news of ill weather, but we were determined to test our new trailer out. I had three days booked with a corporate job, but what the hay, we decided to simulate life as planned, work and all.

We arrived at Berry Springs RV Park just before check-in time ended. Brian unhitched, leveled the trailer and set the hook-ups while I bounced around the RV with the kids (like a kid) exploring our new abode. After getting settled and somewhat unpacked, we loaded back up in the truck and headed to WalMart for a grocery run while the fridge and freezer started powering up. We leisurely rambled through the store looking for our necessary food and equipment, arriving home well past Wilder's bedtime and right before the storm clouds ripped open, pounding the earth (and our RV) with thunder and rain.

Finally getting the kiddlets off to bed at 10:30pm. we settled into our stubby queen sized bed -note: RV queen sized beds are distinctly shorter. Also, we had been sleeping on a full sized bed for quite awhile back at the house and the extra width was LUXURIOUS! (end of note.)

Around 3am I awoke to ridiculously loud thunder and bright lightning flashing all around, sure we were going to be hit at any second. I listened for Wilder. Nothing.
I lay awake for awhile, trying my best to get back to sleep, when my maternal instincts (or perpetual worry) kicked in and I decided to check on our little crazy man. Another note: Wilder has never slept outside of an enclosed area -aka crib or port-a-crib. This time he was sleeping 2 feet off the ground in a totally new environment. I was certain I would here a loud "THUNK!" and then a wail. Still, amongst a massive storm in an RV (read cardboard box) I heard not a peep.
Around 3:30am I slid open our door and peeked into the main living area. The baby lay peacefully sleeping in her port-a-crib, and Wilder? Well, he sat alertly on the couch, Ba and Blanket clutched in his arms while his head jolted from side-to-side, witnessing the lighting and thunder from behind the draped windows.

"Pooooooor Baaaaaaaby!"

I swooped him up and walked to his room. He managed to pull open his sliding door during the night. There was a VERY warm spot on the floor next to his door where he was obviously bundled up during the storm. We never heard a peep. How IS THAT?! I felt terrible -his first night out of a crib-like setting and he's huddled in a strange place during a massive thunderstorm. Cuddled in my arms, he seemed more fascinated than terrified. I brought him to our bed and spooned him until he decided his favorite spot was the foot of our bed, where he slept for several hours until it was time for me to get up and prepare for work. He napped hard that day, as Brian will attest to, and since then (as tonight will be our 3rd night) he has loved the RV. He slept like a rock last night and woke at his usual time, not once falling off the bed.

This week has simulated life as (sort of) usual. I've been working and Brian's been taking care of the family. So how's living in the RV while being "normal"? AWESOME! We LOVE IT! We got up this morning and explored a fabulous park we're next to with tons of trail systems, wild flowers and pecan groves. It was heaven hearing the birds and the crickets, seeing the sun rise, walking out in the fresh air and all of it being right outside our doorstep. I've been working a corporate gig the past two days from AM to PM, but coming "home" and being with the kiddos -sigh- it's amazing. Brian finds it's much easier to manage both the kids in a smaller environment and Wilder loves RV life.

So the trial run has been a great success. I've got to tell ya, I was pretty nervous about it. We've been talking up the RV life and were so excited about living it, but testing it out would let us know if we were made for it or not. I know, it's only been three nights, but living in a work-sort of way (me being gone all day while Brian has the kids) was a trail by fire approach. We've come out the otherside with great enthusiasm and -don't know how this happened- with the feeling of more space than we began with. It's like living in a cabin and when we're together in the RV, all we want to do is have family time. It's GREAT!

I'm up again for a work day tomorrow, so I better sign off, but I wanted to share what we've learned so far. We're happy here. Wilder's happy here. Waverley's happy anywhere, and we can't wait until we get to do this again.

*sigh!* I love "Us."


Anonymous said...

I love your stories.

"Us" IS wonderful, I'm glad you found each other :) Mama

I AM JOE PESCI said...

I HOPE HOPE HOPE HOPE that you guys write a book documenting all of your adventures and ideas. Instant bestseller. Get started on it.

Hugs back at ya.

Marlan at RV52 said...

Sheri and I went full time about 2 months ago and are out at La Hacienda RV Park on Lake Travis. We love living in the RV and it represents so much we believe in (stuff=bad, less=more, together=real). Good to see you are having a great experience so far!


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