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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Four Goals for the Working Mom

I remember being a bit more goal-oriented; it wasn't that long ago.  Ah, those were the days.  My monthly goals such as reading, exercising, cooking, sewing, other things ending in "ing."  What happened?  Yes, yes, I recall I started an organization (Uncommon Women -a flash in the pan due to a new baby, etc.) and a new photography business.  Spare time sort of went out the window, especially after taking the reigns as primary/shared bread-winner when Brian got out of the Army last spring.  As I gather myself before the storm of wedding season, I want to gain some clarity and create some goals, both personal and professional, to help me not just survive, but get on track.

1) Exercise 4-5 days a week and make healthier nutritional choices.
Now that the weather is warming up it will be easier to get out with the kids and the jogging stroller.  I also find drinking more hot tea, especially in the evening, is a huge stress reliever.  Veggies and high protein foods will fill my plates and bowls and I'll strive to maintain the goal of not consuming calories after 7:30pm.

2) Playtime with the kids.
Brian is so much better at this than I am.  Guys just seem to have that playtime fun built into them, whereas gals make the kids fed and relatively happy while doing 5 other things at the same time.  Multi-tasking is great, but many times I'm doing pointless things.  Close my computer windows, turn up the tunes, dance with the kiddos and wrestle on the carpet.  Twenty minutes of playtime goes a LONG way for both mama and babies.

3) Network, Connect, Ask.
Let's don't be shy, Kelly.  You own a business, people need photographers for various things, so seek and ye shall find, right?  I hate being a sales woman and asking for people's money, but I gotta if we're going to eat.  Thanks to Brian's steadfast encouragement, I am learning to value the skills I can offer and request correct compensation for my services.  Developing my social networking skills, making the most of my hot leads (contacts who have expressed real interest in using my services,) and making the sale- just a few more goals in the list.

4) Rejuvenate.
It struck me last week that God requires 1 full day of rest for his people.  Lately my idea of a day of rest is spending it catching up on household things or only working 4 hours a day instead of, say, 10.  With work always in front of me (ah, my beloved computers) it's tough to rest.  And sometimes (raise your hand, who's with me on this) it's impossible to take a break from the computer.  I may be doing nothing significant, but I can certainly fill hours flitting from site to site, responding to facebook comments, writing my own, checking what's new in other people's lives and blogs (ahem.)  To avoid burn out, I gotta rest and when I do it's got to be the real thing!  Deep breath, glass of wine or mug of tea, time to ponder or read a book or seek inspiration.  Or get romantic with white knight who lives here...

Alright, what I see here are 3 goals that have to do with slowing down and stress relief and one goal towards growing business.  Though more business equals less free time, I think I can work with these.  Being more productive during free moments and scheduled work hours will lend to freedom to embrace goals 1, 2 and 4.

Thanks, guys.  I needed this.  Another cup of tea and time for a spot of reading before turning in for the night.  Goal #4 in the works...

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