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Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day in Central Texas

110202 001
The day I finished the last of my wedding edits (hooray for 4 weddings wrapped from December!) we ALL got sick.  Severe head colds certainly have a way of stopping you in your tracks, hunkering down and focusing all of your attention on family (snotty, fussy, tired -and that was just me.)

110202 002

Temperatures in Central Texas plunged early this week and this morning, as most of us are just beginning to feel better, we received a sweet gift outside.  Snow.

110204 003

110204 004
Waverley snuggled up in her footie pajamas, ready for breakfast.  We cooked our "restaurant breakfast" complete with banana-cinnamon pancakes, bacon, cheesy eggs, tater tots (in lieu of hashbrowns) and delicious coffee.  Waverely particularly enjoyed her coffee this morning. I jest, I jive...

110204 005
It took Wilder some convincing to get him to go outside to play in the snow.  At first.

110204 006

110204 007
Yes, she is extremely delicious.

110204 008
Venturing forth with Papa.

110204 009
There's no business like snow business.

110204 010

110204 011
Someone has seen "Elf" one too many times.  Immediately knew how to engage in a snowball fight.

110204 012
Take THAT, Papa!

110204 013

110204 014
At the point where nothing can convince him -not even his frozen toes and fingers- to come inside.  We have a confirmed snowaholic.

110204 015
Sissy stepped outside briefly with Mama to grab a few more shots of the boys playing.  Baby girl and Papa -a very sweet team.

110204 016
Cracks me up that we have palm trees in the background and snow.  Cause for a little head scratching.

110204 017
Beware the power arm of our 3 year old.  Excellent aim, I tell you.

110204 018

110204 019

110204 020
Two of my most favorite people in the world.

110204 021
He would keep going and going and going if we didn't force him inside to prevent frostbite and another onset of illness.  He's currently arguing with Brian about going to play at the park and then go to the slides at Burger King.  All I can hear is, "Slides?  Snow! Snow!  Slides?!  SLIDES!  SNOW!"  I guess arguing is not the word I'm looking for.  Demanding, shall we say?

We'll see how negotiations go.  As far as the snow, most of it has already melted by early afternoon, though the spots that have remained in shadow still have a bit of white fluffy stuff.  Amongst the sniffles and coughs still sounding around the house (excuse me while I blow my nose) and Wilder's constant demands (for anything, really) there is a warm, cozy feeling of family solidarity and comfort that I am highly enjoying.  Funny how I am actually glad we're all sick so I can stop working and enjoy my family, snot and all.

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Anonymous said...

Very COOL............FUN!

Love you all, Grandmama


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