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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Date Night: It's Kind Of A Big Thing

It's been three weeks now.  Three whole weeks since we started our regular weekly date night.  We drop the kids off at the sitter's and then it's 5 WHOLE hours of just the two of us.  So far we've tried out several Mexican restaurants and found the best margaritas in Georgetown, but what we've also found is that this whole "just the two of us" time is WONDERFUL.  And much needed.

And the kids love it, too.  The lovely gal who watches are wee ones has three of her own.  Her 9 year old son stocked her up on Thomas the Tank Engine gear when he was little so Wilder is in heaven.  Every morning after a date night, Wilder wakes up and immediately asks to go play at our babysitter's house.  Particularly to play with "Spencer" -one of the Thomas characters.  He's a hoot, that Wilder.

That stretch of time together is long enough to enjoy the evening and not feel the rush to "hurry up and have fun 'cause we have to pick up the kids."  We have time to drive into Austin if desired, do dinner and a movie, just hang out at home, go for an mini-adventure.  Who knows what the next weeks hold for our deep pocket of quality time?  It's worth every penny, in my opinion, and I have loved looking forward to Us Time on a regular basis.  Our weekly vacation.

You know, it wasn't uncommon for us to go three months between date nights.
Yep, this is purdy big.

And, as McD's says, "I'm lovin' it."

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