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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sshh! It's Saturday Morning.

110917homestuff 2
Brian nipped out to run in a local 5k, so I had the morning with Wilder (and Waverley, but she's still asleep.)  Classical music played softly, the freshly brewed coffee coaxed me into a happy state of caffeination, and I pulled out the camera to capture a bit of morning around the house.

110917homestuff 4
IKEA mat, helps keep (most of) the cars/trains in one spot.  Wilder loves it.

110917homestuff 5

110917homestuff 6

110917homestuff 7

110917homestuff 8
FYI, I *think* we're good on toys.  Yeah?

110917homestuff 9
If I was a cat, I'd be here.

110917homestuff 10
Settling in for Fall.

110917homestuff 12
By the kitchen computer nook.

110917homestuff 13
Fine, I'll pretend to be a cat.  With coffee.  You'll find me bathing in the sunlight right about here.

Happy Saturday!

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Anonymous said...

Oh such sweetness. Thank you for sharing this precious time together. Love, Mama


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