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Friday, September 30, 2011

Fisheye View: House

Welcome!  We've made a few changes.  Always seem to be rearranging the furniture, but it's in our blood: we're movers.

We purchased a new lens -oh, what fun!- and I tested it out this morning while capturing some new furniture configurations and a small person who kept bouncing around the house.

110930house 8
You walk in...

110930house 2
Look to your left.

110930house 3
Be afraid, be very afraid.

110930house 5
And... this is probably my favorite.

110930house 7
Now you're standing in the corner.
Why?  Oh... the small, blonde monster scared you?  Yes, I did say he was rather frightening.
But he's bouncing on the couch in the other room.  You're safe.  Come see more.

110930house 6
And there you go!

What a fun lens!  So excited to use this outdoors with clients.

Now, off to chase down that little rascal!
Thank goodness the other one is napping.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love it! Everything, just love it all. Your little guy is getting so grown up. Fun lense and you've set up a very inviting and professional setting for clients. Great Job - as usual :)


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