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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sorry, Try Again

About a month ago I turned Wilder on to PBSKids.org.  He hadn't used the computer before and I wasn't sure how much he'd be able to do on the site.  NOW I see why little kids can pick up multiple languages; their learning curve is as steep as a cliff.
Wilder is now a computer whiz.  And he's picked up some rather funny sayings along with his mad skillz.

This happened about a week into Wilder's computer exploration.  I was taking a break, sitting on the living room couch trying to get Wilder to hang out with me and watch one of his movies.  Wilder walks in the kitchen, sits on the bar stool in front of the computer, pokes his head over the screen to yell at me while waving, "Mama, it's okay.  Wilder's working.  Wilder's working," and he begins to play learning games with Elmo. I wonder where he got that...

And now Wilder has a new catch-phrase.  (And thankfully PBSKids.org is one polite program.)  Whether playing by himself with his trains or getting one of us to help him fix something, if our strategies are not what he had in mind, "Oh, saw-y, twigh again!"  It totally cracks me up -he sounds like a game show host.

(On a side note, we finally got rain yesterday and the sky is still overcast this morning.  Wilder walked up to the back door window and said, "Awh maaaan, it's waining!")

Thankfully he's playing super polite computer games that teach sharing, cooperation and educational skills instead of jumping on mushrooms and defeating large gorillas (or far, far worse.)  He's such a stinkin' wiz at this computer- and did I tell you he is a Mac Nazi?!  If Brian or I try to use the kitchen computer for 2 minutes, he runs in from ACROSS the house and yells at us to get off, "HEY, why you do dat?!  Get off!  I pway PBSkids!  I need PBSkids!"
Yep.  Computer Nazi, but a smart one.

My two minutes are up and I don't want to get yelled at.

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Anonymous said...

Too funny. "oh No Dear, We've created a................" Love it, Mama


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